Monday, March 26, 2007

Lot's of BABIES on the way !!!

Looks like a Baby boom is on the way!
Seems like almost everyone around here is either having a baby or going to have a baby this summer.
I guess the babies being born now can be dated the power outages of early last summer.
There's no TV, your in the dark and sweating anyway – why not go ahead make a baby? Or, maybe it has to do with the Mondeal?

In a month or two we will have the real baby boom, dating back to after the Lebanon war when daddies returned from Miluim (army Reserves).
Yes, now we know it was really a war, now that they've decided to call it that formally. Not that anyone, running down the stairs to the Miklat (Shelter) with two kids, and heard the explosions 20 times a day had any doubts.

Anyway, If you are having a baby in Haifa, I recommend either Rambam or Carmel birthing center this year. Bnei Tzion, are renovating now.

If you are wondering about me I am sitting out this year. I'm just enjoying my 2 year old. Oh yea, and finally sleeping through the night. Yes! after almost 5 years I finally wake up at 6 in the moning.

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