Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick and easy Pesachising

With Passover just around the corner, cleaning is in full swing at my house. You may be just beginning you last minute clean-up or you may have been at it for a while and need a pick-up. You can use these sorting and cleaning steps for just about anything from the kids toys, to your pen drawer to your kitchenware.

Here are my simple steps to Quick and easy Pesach cleaning.

1.Just do it. Do like Nike say and just get on with it.
2.Get the following items:
A few big garbage bags, and/plus some storage boxes.
A big bowl or pail of watered cleaning detergent.
Rag + Paper towels (or clean dry rag)
Good lively music
Bottle of drinking water or juice
Something to nosh on
3.Now settle yourself down near whatever it is you are going to work on.
4.Turn on your good lively music to get you in a good mood and give your work a quick rhythm. You don't want to be cleaning all day do you? And there's that Passover deadline just around the corner.
5.If you can dump everything out of a container do that. (Like kids toy pieces)
If not, empty out the contents of the container or cabinet get everything out in front of you.
6.Quickly pick through everything and find whatever you can throw away. Whatever is broken, stained, ripped… goes straight into the garbage bag. If you didn't get around to gluing that handle back on the coffee mug in 6 months it's probably not gonna happen. So just get rid of it. You managed without it this long, didn't you?
7.Now go through what's left and see it there is anything that is not in it's right place. Are there pencils in your utensil drawer?
Put anything not in it's correct place aside. Don't go putting it in it's place now, it will only distract you from this project.
You may want to have a container for all the misplaced things you find this week. You put them there and later go around the house putting things in there place.
8.Do you have anything you can give away? Anything you can do away with that someone else can benefit from?
9.Drink some water.
10.Before putting things back, clean the surface or container. Don't want any Hametz left around. Remember this is Pasach cleaning.
11.Now clean everything and put it back in it's place.
12.THAT'S IT you are done with this place.
13.Repeat as needed.


Yaeli said...

I need a printer --I want this list handy! Pesach is just around the corner, looming, and I haven't even started. Ack.

Mia said...

Nice to see you here. I'm sure you'll make it at the last minute.
I love your blog, I've been following it the last few days. You can see mine is very new (although I have older Hebrew ones).