Monday, March 26, 2007

Take the kids to the Kiryat Motakin Zoo

We love Kiryat Motakin Zoo! I think it's the nicest park and Zoo I have seen in Israel. (A close second is Raanana park.)

At the entrance to the park there is a duck and swan pond, and a playground with animal shaped activities.

In side the zoo there is a nice selection of animals. The main animals I remember are many types of birds, small monkeys, kangaroos, penguins, camels, giraffes, zebras and some barnyard animals. I am sure there are more I forgot. There's a nice petting area at the end, where the barn animals are.

It seems like the star of the zoo is Jabar, the roll (lahmania) and carob eating giraffe.

Elephants are due to arrive in April.

The good thing about the zoo is an easy stroll through it, and that it is well kept and has good facilities, like a hand washing fountain near the petting area.

There are a few places to buy food and snacks along the way. Out side the park there is an El Goucho restaurant (this one is not Kosher) with a kiosk on the side to get meat dishes and salads to eat on the outside tables or to go.

My kids wouldn't leave before riding the camel and pony. One costs 5 NIS the other 10, I don't remember which is which, sorry.

I hope you go and have a nice a time as we did.

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