Thursday, April 19, 2007

My baby has bathroom humor

My two year old has recently begun speaking in clear sentences. She is bright and spunky and will do anything for a laugh. I'm told she is the classic second child.
She is also very interested in body parts and sort of in to toilet training.

This is a conversation we had the other day:
M B (My baby) –" This is my head, this is my hand, this is my finger… and this is my tusik"
Me – "That's right! Very Good!"
M B – "My tusik also has a mouth."
Me – "Really…"
M B – "Yes"
Me – "What does your tusik do?"
M B – thinking
Me – "does it eat?"
M B – "No, It sings!"
Me – "oh" (about to get it)
M B – sticks out her tusik and let's out a whistle. "You hear? …It sings like this."
Me – "oh, I see"

A few meters away my grandmother laughs so hard I'm afraid she's going to have a heart attack (g-d forbid).

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