Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Shani - A Great Kosher Café in Haifa

If you are in Haifa and want to have coffee and some good (dairy) food, you should head to the Neve Sha'anan area.
Neve Sha'anan,us a quaint older area that has become religios in the last few years, when families and young couples bought homes from the aging residents. (Hint to young religious couples looking for a nice area in Haifa.)

Shani is my favorite café in Haifa. Is started out as a pastry shop on Rehov Haatzmaut, downtown. It got it's good reputation for it's cakes and pastries and opened the branch in Neve Shaanan. (There is now another branch in the Krayot.)
I love this place! They have excellent salads, great bagel toasts (Israeli bagel with cheese pressed in it), good coffee and great Limo-nana (lemonade with mint) in tall festive glasses. Of course there cakes are excellent; their foundation is a pastry shop. I love the apple and cherry pastries and cakes. I am not a cream cake lover, but their cream cakes (cheese with crumbs, chocolate and so on) are good too.
If you come on Friday morning come early since the place fills up fast.

Hope you go there and enjoy.

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