Monday, May 21, 2007

Triangle Cheesecake Recipe

Triangle Cheese cake Recipe

This a great Shavuot recipie for a special cheesecake my mother in law makes. This cheese cake is actually a biscuit shell with cheese filling.
I think this recipe appears in the "Bishula" cook book.

200 g. softened margarine or butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
500 g. soft white cheese (Israeli cheese like Ski) 500g. is about 2 regular containers or 1 big one.
500 g. raisins (optional)
lemon grind (optional)

18 biscuits Peti bar or the like
1 cookie sheet

Chocolate sauce:
2 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons coco
50 g. margarine or butter
1 egg yoke

In a Mixer, whip the margarine and add cheese and then all other ingredients except for the raisins. Mix in raisins with spoon.

Putting the cake together:
Spread out cookie sheet and arrange biscuits on in three rows of 6 biscuits. There should be no space between the biscuits.
Spoon the cheese filling on to the center row.
Lift the two outer rows; from the cookie sheet, to form an triangle around the filling.
Secure the cookie sheet around the cake and put in freezer for a few hours, to set.

Chocolate sauce:
When the cake is ready to come out for the freezer prepare the Chocolate sauce by combining all of the ingredients except for the egg yoke, in a saucepan and heating or heating in the microwave until margarine or butter is thawed and stirring together to get a smooth sauce. Then stir the egg yoke in quickly.
Pour the sauce onto the cake and put in refrigerator until serving.

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