Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Haifa Restaurants I like

If you come to Haifa and are looking for somthing good to eat here are some of my favorite Haifa restaurants.

If you are looking for a great kosher caffe you should go to Shani.

German colony

1872 Reserve – (15 Ben Gurion St. Haifa 855-1872)This is one of my very favorites and a good place to go for a "nice" lunch or dinner. The three story old German Templar (of the German colony) house, built in 1872, is full of atmosphere. As you enter you step over a glass floor showcasing the house cellar bellow. There are some private nooks in the lower floors for a quiet romantic meal. The food is European and well accompanied by wine. (Reservations are required on the weekends.)

Duzan – An east meets west kind of place. Good, interesting food Arabic ambiance.

Isabella – (6 Ben Gurion St. Haifa 8552201) In the German Colony mall. Tasty Italian food antipasti, four cheese pasta, pizza fungi, red tuna filet, filet of grouper, risotto, gnocchi, tiramisu and pear nougat. All are good. I especially like the mushroom pizza, the four cheese pasta and the Arab salad.

Carmel strip

Litchi– (139 Hanasi Boulevard, Haifa 810-3030) Trendy place serving good Tai food, Sea food & Sushi. I especially like to order their food home.

Sinta Bar – (131 Moriah Boulevard, Haifa 8341170) Small place with good meat dishes.

Pasto – (110 Moriah Boulevard, Haifa 834-4502) Italian style specializing in pasta and soups.

Nof – Kosher. Chinese style restaurant at the Nof hotel. I especially like the Lemon chicken dish.

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