Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nahal Hashofet (Judges stream) Nature walk for the spoiled

Nahal Hashofet (Judges stream)

Nahal Hashoft (loosely translated Judges river) is a great place to go out and experience some natural beauty. A nice and easy path runs along the stream. You can stroll along and stop every so often to dip your feet in the water and climb or slide down some of the little waterfalls. Look up and you can see the light come through the leaves of the tall trees.

If you are 1.2 meters tall you can venture into the caves along the path and shout to here your eco or reach up to touch the cave ceiling (which is rare when you are 1.2 meters tall). While you are at it you can run through the bush/plant entanglement along the stream.

This is a great walk for whoever wants to get out to nature but doesn't want to walk through muddy paths, since the path is paves and there are wooden steps and decks where you can go down into the water.

There is also a more natural area past the paved path.

How to get there:

From Ha-Tishbi junction enter Yokneam the Moshava (not to be confused with regular Yokneam or Yokneam Elite).

Drive all the way to the end of the town, until to get to a fence. This is the fence surrounding Kibbutz Hazorea. You will be driving around this fence.

Turn right and drive all the way up the road and turn left.

Drive along the Kibbutz fence. You should now be on an unpaved road. You can either park along this road and walk until you get to a path leading down to the river or continue until you get to a parking lot. The first path going down to the river is about where there is a fence and bridge over the rocks on the higher side of the road. There is sometimes an ice-cream truck parked there making it hard to see where the path down to the river starts.


chasR said...

Thank for the information and the directions.We heard of the place but diden't know how to get there.

Mia said...

I hope you find it and get to take advantage of the weather while it's good.