Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spiderman Amusement Park

We had a great day taking our kids to the Spiderman Amusement Park. The amusement park on the roof of Azrieli mall between the towers. The amusement park/playground has most of the rides and attractions you expect to find in a small amusement park such as a little train, bumping boats, and blow-up slides and castles. All of these are in a Spiderman theme in red and black colors and with nets and bridges for the kids to climb up on.
Being on the rooftop of the mall between the towers certainly adds to the Spiderman theme, as you can see in the picture. Once in a while an actor dressed up as Spiderman comes out and climbs around the play park bridge towers and such and them comes around to meet the kids and have pictures taken.
Out kids had a great time but got tired after about an hour and a half, which was fine with us.

Entrance fee to the Spiderman Amusement Park is 35 for child, 10 for adult.

Bring hats, water and a change of clothes in your kids fall into the boat pool. You can buy refreshments and hotdogs there or bring sandwiched from home (are eat somewhere in the mall).

Getting there: We came by train, which the kids really loved. Get off at Hashalom station and take the escalator or elevator into Azrieli mall. Get up to the 3rd floor of the mall and go out on the roof. You buy tickets at the window right by the entrance.

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