Monday, October 1, 2007

Yehiam Renaissance Festival Oct. 1-2

We have been to the Yehiam Renaissance festival a few times during the last few years. The festival is mostly a music festival with some period theater and dance.
This festival is very far from the Renaissance festivals I was at in America, there are no jugglers, jesters, Medieval mud wrestlers, dueling Knights, or people in period dress selling sausages or pies.
What there is, is beautiful music, theater and dance in and around a beautiful fortress.

There is also a crafts area for children, and a few stalls selling crafts and pita with labane, corn and juice.
I did not find any information in English about this festival but there is a phone number you can all for information: 1-700-70-50-50, hopefully someone there speaks English.
As I said the web site is only in Hebrew (I tried clicking the E icon but didn't get anything in English) Here it is anyway:

The entrance fee is 15 NIS per person and extra for special concerts in the evening.
If this events sounds interesting to you I recommend you just go there and follow the other people from act to act (that’s what I did).

You can find directions to Yehiam Fortress here:

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