Monday, November 12, 2007

Rosh-Pina Getaway

We had ourselves a quiet weekend in Rosh Pina to celebrate our wedding anniversary. My parents took the children from Gan on Friday and kept then until Motzei Shabat. As always it was a bit of a challenge finding a Zimmer that would have us for only one night. The most popular zimmers in Rosh Pina were booked a few weeks in advanced and for a one night stay the zimmer owners only accept you if they still have a vacancy a few days in advance.

Anyway I was able to find us a nice place to stay called "Ahuza Barosh" which is in the neighborhood between Rosh-Pina and Zefat. The room was beautiful as was the view from there. We were very happy with the Zimmer but I was a little disappointed of Rosh Pina. I expected more of it. I expected to find more information about the settlers and maybe even a tourist area or a guided tour, but I did not find that. Still we did have a nice stroll through the old area and the Barons Park. Still I think you need a guided tour of the street and houses to be able to appreciate the pioneers who lived there.

I hope to add more information about the zimmer we stayed at and restaurants so stay tuned.

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