Thursday, November 15, 2007

Three Special Tourist weekends in Jerusalem

I'm so busy lately I hardly have time to write but I have to tell you about the special Tourist weekends in Jerusalem. For the next three weekends Nov. 15 to Nov 29 there will be special tourist attractions, entrece to many of the interesting places to visit in Jerusalem will be free and discounts will be given at many hotels and resteraunts.

This project is called Hamshushalaim made up of "Hamshus" which is a shrtened way to say Hamishi, Shishi. Shabat = Thurseday, Friday, Saturday. And Yerushalaim = Jerusalem, of course.

We were there last year and it was wonderfull. We especially liked the double-decker bus ride around jerusalem (make sure to bring a warm jacket or sweater).

There are many special attractions and shows orgenized specifically for these weekends, so if you can make ut up to Jerusalem these coming weekends, you really shouls make an effort to go.

Here are some Jerusalem links:

Hamshushalaim English website.

Very nice Jerusalem interactive attractions page also in English.

If you make it there please come back and tell me how it was.

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