Sunday, December 2, 2007

Major Chanukah Dilemma

Chanukah is nearly here and I have a major dilemma. Which show am I going to take my daughter too?

My parents had it easy – every year they would take us to see The Nutcracker. But there doesn't seem to be a Nutcracker around here.

So… we were able to get 2 reduced priced tickets to the FestiGal, which is the major Chanukah show.

Nobody buys those tickets at full price. You find a friend who has a friend who can get them for cheap (like works for the electric company who buys them in bulk). Well, I was only able to buy 2, for my son and a parent.

My daughter is at the age when she knows that if her brother gets something she should get something similar also.

SO now I have the dilemma, which show am I going to take my daughter too?

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