Thursday, December 6, 2007

Well, he didn't like the FestiGal.

After the whole big deal around the FesiGal and the whole ordeal of getting the tickets it turns out that my son didn't like the FesiGal after all. The FesiGal, for you who are not nto kids entertainment, is a major, major kids event which is kind of a cross between a three ring circus and a musical. And they are expensive.

I was able to get "cheap" tickets for 70 NIS.

Anyway, he liked the whole atmosphere before it started, with all the excitement building up in the hundreds of kids that showed up. But the minute the lights turned on and the music started he started getting nervous. Well we managed to stay almost to the intermission, when we left and had Pizza.

The Pizza, he liked.

Oh well, I guess now that he's seen what all the buzz is about, he will never want to go again which will is probably good for the long run.







OMG - that is my son exactly. How old is your boy?

Mia said...

Nice to see you here.
My son is 5. How old is yours?