Thursday, January 10, 2008

Golan Heights beer brewery

On our trip to the Golan Heights last week we were taken to the "Golan beer brewery" in Katzrin (Quatzrin).

I didn't know there was Israeli beer other than Maccabee and Goldstar, so it was a surprise for me to know there are other Israeli beers.

The brewery is in the commercial area where the Golan Heights tourist center – Golan Magic is.

The tour of the brewery includes a tasting of the bears brewed there.

We tasted four types of beers three light beers and one that was dark and tasted like a Malt. The beers are named Golan, Emek and Galil.

We got olives, pretzels and cold meat sandwiches with our beer, but you can order a lunch there as well, either to eat at the bar or at the tables.

I really hardly know anything about beers and I'm not much of a beer drinker but the beers I tasted were quite good.

You can read more on the breweries site: "Golan beer brewery".

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