Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spaghettim restaurant at Castra

The Spaghettim restaurant at the Castra (shopping and arts center) is one of our favorite family restaurants.

What makes Spaghettim such a good family restraint is the basic but tasty food and the casual, friendly atmosphere.

The food is basic enough for the children to be willing to eat it and tasty enough for us adults to also appreciate it. We usually one children's meal, of schnitzel and mashed potatoes for the kids to munch on while we are waiting for the adult meals. The kids then "help us" with our main dishes. Notice! No French fries severed at Spaghettim, so if that's a problem for your family, beware.

For adults we especially like the salad with the cooked mushrooms (if you like cooked mushrooms and vinegar), the antipasti and the Italian bread, as the first course.

For the main course we usually her a spaghetti balonese (the kids usually "help us" very well with that, and another meat dish.

The kids would never leave without the chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream for desert. I mean would never leave quietly… not that we have ever tried.


The bathrooms are clean but dark (well, I didn't see any dirt) and you can comfortably stand a toddler on the counter to wash their hands in the sink (but don't tell anyone I said so).


Here's a link: Spaghettim Castra





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