Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anemones, Cyclamen and Irises in Bloom

Pre-spring flowers are beginning to bloom around Yokneam, Tivon and the Izrael valley, and probably everywhere else. So this is a great weekend to get out and see the flowers before the crowds come out.

Red Anemones are everywhere, just stop the car anywhere you can get out and take a little nature walk.

Cyclamen are plenty in the forests around Tivon, Biet Shearim, Beit Lehem HaGililit (Bethlehem in the Galil) and Alonie Aba.

Various types of Irises are starting to come out in the Gilboa hills and Nathreth area.

The Yokneam nature hike will take place next weekend on March 8th.

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