Thursday, March 20, 2008

Costumes for children who don't like to dress up

This happens every year. I get all excited and buy great end expensive children's costumes or take the time and effort to make the kids homemade costumes. They go along with me and my excitement.

Then comes the day when they are supposed to actually wear the costume and the whole scenario begins. They don't want to wear it. They want something else. They get overexcited and self-cautious and embarrassed about the whole costume thing. They get all red eyed, I get annoyed and no-one has any fun.

I have found that the kids who don't like to dress up are more willing to dress up in something that actual people may wear, as opposed to an animal, or something that has to do with their everyday. It seems to be less traumatizing to wear clothes the child is used to wearing but put them together differently. That way you don't have to buy stuff the child will never wear.

Another idea is to have them hold as part of their costume something that will comfort and security.

The picture here is of my daughter dressed up like her favorite doll, everything she is wearing is of her own clothes and she holding her favorite doll for security.

Here are some ideas:

v Dress up like a favorite toy.

v Dress up as a favorite person (dress up like mom or dad)

v Dress up like the profession of someone the child likes. (like uncle Jonathan the basketball player)

v Have a favorite toy as an accessory.

v Dress up together with a friend (get together to dress up or wear matching costumes). This doesn't really work with siblings only with friends.

v Wear regular clothes put together differently.

v Just add fun accessories.

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MelMel said...

She's so cute and those are some good ideas.
We don't have that problem (yet?) we just dress our 8 month old in whatever we want. He dosen't care as long as it dosn't care as long as we do it quickly :-)