Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dor beach Pesach Family Dye making event

I got information about this event by e-mail, and think it could be a very special Pesach day out with the family.

Dor beach is amazingly beautiful, as are most of the beaches in the Carmel coast strip. There are little islands some 200 m. off the shore where there are snails that give off a blue color "Tchelet". The color from the snails was used for dyes, in ancient times and there was actually a blue dye industry in the area in ancient times.

I actually attended a workshop similar to this one when I was in University.

I don't know Marine Tours and am not affiliated with them but this should be a great Pesach event.

This is the e-mail flyer I got:

"EVENT: Tekhelet Marine Tours - Hol HaMoed Pesah 5768

Ptil Tekhelet is once again happy to announce that it will be

conducting 1/2 day tours at Hof Dor (Kibbutz Nachsholim near Zichron

Yaacov) this upcoming Hol Hamoed Pesah on Wednesday, and Thursday

(April 23-24). The tours combine an exciting experience of fun and

learning for the whole family.

Learn Torah, Halacha, History, Archeology, Biology and Chemistry.

Dye wool yourself using the same tekhelet dye of the ancients. Get into

the water and observe the tekhelet snail living in its natural habitat.

Tours are available in English.

Please read the tour flyer on our website for more complete details

about the tour and days and times.

Click on this link to see the tour flyer:



To reserve, please send a detailed email to: mois@...

Click here to see pictures from last year's tour:"

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