Sunday, March 16, 2008

Haifa Purim Fun

The big Purim festival in Haifa will be at the Louis Walkway, behind the hotels. Friday March 21st.

Purim Plays will be showed at the Grand Kenyon on Thursday 20/3 at 17:30. On Sunday 23/3 at 11:30 there will be a Purim clown show with songs, fun and Mishloach manot making and then at 17:30 there will be another Purim show/party with music and dance.

I am sure additional Purim activities will be held at every shopping and activity center.

If you want to know where my favorite place to get Hamentashen Purim cookies is, it's at the Ziv bakery at Ziv square. These are the best I have tasted. I am sure that Shemo (all over and Ziv square too) and Dudu Otmezguine (Carmel) probably have really good ones as well. And also those at Lehem Erez are also good, sometimes with "interesting" fillings.

If you are in the Krayot, I recommend you check out Elie's bakery near Motzart.

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