Monday, March 3, 2008

Purim costumes

Have you thought about your Purim costume already? I've been thinking I might dress up as Minnie mouse. I'm not trying to convince my husband to dress up as Mickey mouse. He is not liking that idea…. yet.


ToysRus, Kfar Hasha'ashuim and all of the other big toy stores are filling up with costumes and the crowds are forming up. So don't wait till the last minute and go out and get your costumes before the crowds come and take all the good ones. And you'll have to fight all of the other late shoppers for those last butterfly or angel wings.


If you want to browse this year's collection of costumes or even buy online (you still have time for delivery but the prices are quite high) I found this site with a nice range of costumes. Looks like most of them are higher quality than what is in the regular stores and are from America.  

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