Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where to go to see the spring flowers Izrael valley

Izrael Valley (or Jezrael Valley) is one of those places that is so intensely beautiful it makes my eyes tear up. That is especially so at this time of year when in fields are all green and lush, and red and yellow and pink flowers are blooming everywhere.

I think the best way to get to Izrael valley is from Kiryat Tivon. Drive up to the main traffic light and continue to the South-East side, following the signs to Nathereth. When you pass the traffic lights and start descending, Izrael valley appears, spread out before you, with its cultivated fields, clusters of trees and small villages.

One of my favorite places for a picnic and a short hike among the flowers in near Alonie Aba. If you are coming down from Tivon, continue to Alonim junction and turn left. See the map.

As you turn from Alonim you will see the flowers popping out from behind the trees along the road. The red Anemones and pink Cyclamens and yellow flowers are everywhere. Along the way you can usually see cattle and horses grazing by the sides of the road. Continue with the road until right before the right turn into Alonie Aba. On the left side there is a small parking lot and the beginning of a walking trail. You can have your picnic by the beginning of the path pr carry it with you to a clearing in the woods.

Anemones and Cyclamens are protected flowers so don't pick them or step on them.

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