Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shvil HaTapuzim - Family fun park in an Orchard

One of our best days this vacation was at the "Orange path" ("Shvil HaTapuzim") near Kibbutz Gan Shmuel.

The best way I can explain what the "Orange path" is, is to explain that it was once an orchard, where many of the trees were cut down and replaced by sort of kibbutz DIY amusement rides and water activities making the place is very special, even for Israel.

There is a go-cart road between the trees, a miniature golf area, a manmade little river for little boats, a small waterslide, very large kiddie pool the children run through, various types of trampolines, and a place where people climb up two facing tows and spray each other with water (my son and husband loved that one). There is also an big area of grass where you can lay your blankets for the day or catch a picnic table under the trees. There is a kiosk that sells drinks and popsicles (of course) and some food (but not the kind I like my kids to eat). You can bring your own food, but "Mangaling" (barbequing) is not allowed.  

This place is best for people who like to be out in nature and don't mind bugs and soil.

Getting there: The best way I can explain how to get there is from Cesarea interchange. Get off road #2 at Cesarea and take the raed to the East (signs directing to Afula) if from South turn Right at interchange, if from North turn Left at interchange.

Continue to traffic lights and continue straight. Do not turn right to Hadera. Contunue with the road and pass a gas station on your left and fish pools on your right. After a few kilometers, you will see a gas station on the right side of the road. Right before the entrance to the gas station get off the road. You will see the sign to " Shvil HaTapuzim" only when it is right in front of you or if you pass it.

Take the semi paved / dirt road parallel to the main road you just came on and going the other way (back in the direction you came from). This road will eventually pass under the main road and into a large sandy lot, with Eucalyptus trees lining it. On your left side you will get to the Shvil HaTapuzim fence and you should see orange trees inside.

Price: we paid 55 NIS per child and adults were free, this may have been a special Pesach deal.    

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