Saturday, May 3, 2008

Independence Day Events in Haifa

The main attraction this year is a parade of visiting military bands from several countries (Brazil, Romania, US, France…) on 8/5. The parade will start at 1200 near the "City center" mall in the German colony and will march along Alenby street to the Soccer stadium in Kiryt Eliezer where they will have a big show, starting around 1400. Entrance to the show is free but you need tickets which the City hall site says you can get at the Auditorium Haifa ticket booth, up in the Carmel.  (I would call the city hotline for more information if you are interested in that).


On the evening of Independence day 7/5

The attraction in fireworks and entertainment stages.

Fire works will be shot from Carmel beach, Neve Shaanan, Hadar and Kiryat Haim.

The stages will be at the Sportek (sports facility) under Neve Shaanan, Gan Haem in the Carmel, the park in Kiryat Shpintzak, Kiryat Haim and Kiryat Shmuel. starting around 2000.

There will also be a special laser light show in the German colony area starting 2100.  


 As always, in these kinds of events, be prepared for crowds and heavy security.


Whatever big attraction you go to, leave your car elsewhere. People get out of their cars in the middle of the road or just park badly and take their time coming back.  

Wherever you go that night, park on a main road or easy to exit location with your car facing the direction to get away.



On Independence day 8/5

Other than the parade, there will be family activities in Eli Cohen park in Kiryat Shpintzak and in the Jeston Defer center in the French Carmel from 1100-1400.  and at 1700 at Ramat Alon park.


Other than that there will most likely be people barbequing everywhere.  




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