Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lag Ba'Omer Sum Up

A little late but I feel the need to sum up Lag Ba'Omer before moving on.

We had a great evening Medura (bonfire) with a few fiends this year. Not like the massive ones we went to with the whole Gan and whole neighborhood like years before when the whole time was a battle to get to the dough and pita cooking platter on the fire.

This time it as more low key. A few days before the dads decided on a good place and decided we would start early, so as not to fight for our prime location and so as to finish at a reasonable bed time for the kids. (The latter did not happen, good thing the next day was Hofesh)


We started off by taking the kids into the woods to look for dried branches. We had large pieces of wood every family brought some. (Don't ask where my husband got ours.) One family bought wood that was once part of a wardrobe.

Then we gathered large stones to make a circle and piled up some wood to start the file. I have never seen a fire starting, probably of lack of being in any Israeli Tnumat Noar (Youth Group) so this part was very interesting for me.


When the fire was started the mothers brought out the pitas (ready made this time, with cute little pitas for the kids) and hummus. No celebration can start before the food comes out. And lots of food was on the way.

As opposed to the massive Medurot we had been to before, this time we went all out on food! Especially meat. We started off with hotdogs and Pargiot (some good part of the chicken) for the kids and towards then end the marinated meats and steaks appeared for the adults.


One of the teacher moms brought worksheets and games for activity, because eating is not activity enough. But most of the worksheets ended up in the fire because of the dads thought it was scrap paper.


Another thing I have learned over the years of attending Lag Ba'Omer Medurot is that no Lag Ba'Omer is complete without at least on one Lag Ba'Omer pooper and a bonfire crasher. The Lag Ba'Omer poopers always have the same lines like the don’t know anything about the fires and were completely unperpared, people always have ready answers for "you are making too much smoke", "the smoke is getting into my house" close the windows it's Lag Ba'Omer, "you are getting smoke in my laundry" why do you have laundry out it's Lag Ba'Omer, "the dog dosen't have anywhere to go to the bathroom" the dog found a great place to go somewhere else.

This usually ends with the people having the fire singing the "Hayom Lag Ba'Omer" song (Today is Lag Ba'Omer) until the pooper goes away.

Crashers can usually go unnoticed at large Medurot but at smaller ones, like the one we had, they show up with potatoes and marshmallows asking to put them in your fire.
Their potatoes are always uncooked and you know there will never be ready before you put the fire out (you are supposed to cook the potatoes before putting them in the fire – took me a while to find this out). Or they send their children around asking for a pita with hotdog, or marshmallow. I gyess they also forgot it was Lag Ba'Omer.


Now that that's behind us we can prepare for G's birthday festival, and Shavuot thereafter.

I'll be looking up some good cheesecake recipes for you.


melmel said...

Funny and so true about the Medura poopers and crashers.
How was Gs birthday?

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