Sunday, June 22, 2008

Evening out at the Kiryon new Movie Theater Complex

Last night we finally got around to going out to a movie at the Globus Max cinema complex in the Kiryon shopping mall. The movie theater complex is a separate area of the mall, that was built especially for the cinema complex, for an evening out at the movies which means that the area is decorated very theatrically with sparkling floors and walls in addition to the cinema there are places to eat and have coffee before, after and during the movie.

Two of the café's I notices were Milka, and Café Café. Milka's Grand Kenyon branch is known for it's great café Hafuch, this one also has a smoking balcony for those who need it.

Closer to the movie theaters in Café Café, which we chose to try this time. We had a café Hafuch and Granita (coffee slush) that were good and a salmon and cream cheese sandwich that was OK.

There is also a Burgus burger bar (that shows Euro soccer games on big screens) and a Frangalico sushi bar in that area among others.






Anonymous said...

Is it like Cinama city in Glilot?

Mia said...

I din't know I haven't been there but I would assume it is simular.