Friday, July 18, 2008

Driving by Eldad Regev's House

Yesterday evening we happened to be in the Krayot. When we were done with what we had to do, my husband took a detour "to show us something". Driving alone on one of the main roads at a traffic circle that has an old cannon on it (left behind from the war of Independence) we saw a giant flag. The flag was a beautiful ceremonial flag, and it was at half mast almost touching the ground.
It hit me, this is Eldad Regev's home.
I straightened up and looked around, a knot tightening in my stomach and throat. There on of the very doorways, on the very normal street, I saw the mourning signs. אלדד רגב By the door, there was a flag with the picture of Eldad on it.
Inside the doorway, in the entrance to the building I could see the candles flickering. There were many of them.
You know what this is? I asked the children. This is were Eldad Regev lives, my son said softly. He had also figured it out for himself. Only six and he is so aware of these things going on around him.
I asked if they would like to go in to the building, and look at the candles, maybe light one. He didn't want to; he was scared to get closer. "He's dead" said my son, "They buried him today." "He isn't alive… he is dead." The presence of death freighted him. We drove around the a few times before we went home.

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Sara said...

That is just so sad.