Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What are those flags doing in the water?

Or: Understanding Israeli beach lifeguard flags

Okay, so as I said in my last post it's time to go back and enjoy the beach but be careful of the waves and undertow. The best you can do to keep safe is follow the lifeguard instructions (even if it is very difficult to understand.)

The lifeguards use different colored flags to symbolize the turbulence of the water.

White flag – means water is calm and safe.

Red flag – means waves are a little high but you can still enjoy the water if you stay around that area. This means you will probably also get salty water in your face and hair. So be prepared.

Black flag – means water is dangerous and unsafe.

You may notice that one area has a red flag and an area just a few feet away has a black flag, and may look even calmer then the red flag area. That is because some places have strong undertow that can pull you in the water.

Some areas may be roped off a few meters in the water. You should not go past the ropes.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Now I get it :-)
When are we going to see you in a bikini

Mia said...

whenyou go back to 1997 :-)