Sunday, October 12, 2008

Succot - Haifa International Film Festival

Haifa International Film Festival is between Oct. 10-21

The Haifa Film Festival is one of the highlights of the year in Haifa. In addition to the movie screenings in the Cinimatech and surrounding theaters, there are free outdoor screenings in Gan Haem park, and a festival bazaar in the nearby gardens, with live music most evenings in the square in front of the Cinimatech. There is sometimes a fair park area set up with rides for the children.

Be prepared to park in the surrounding streets and walk in and be prepared for heavy security.

The outdoor screening schedule is not easy to find and sometimes pops up in the local papers, if I see it I will post it.

This is a section from the Haifa International Film Festival site that best describes the festival: "During its eight days of celebration, the Festival proudly premieres 150 new films from the best and most recent international productions and holds 220 screenings in seven theaters and under the sky: feature films, documentaries, animation, short films, retrospectives and tributes."

The English site for the Film Festival is not bad:


Single ticket: 40 NIS

With Soldiers/Senior Citizens/Students/Handicapped/Haifa Hotel Guests discount: 35 NIS

Multi: 8+2 free: 320 NIS

With Isracard you can get a second ticket for 230 stars

For all Cinematheque members in Israel: 35 when showing membership card..

OnlineTicket sale:

Or phone: 04-8418411

Ticket sale begins October 05

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