Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things to do on Succot: Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre

UPDATE: Acco (Also spelled Acre) has been delayed to an unknown date / canceled because of the voilence in the city during the last few days.

Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre is one of the best loved theater festivals in the country and there are loyal fans who come back every year. There are productions of different sizes, some bigger productions fill whole theaters while others are much smaller. There is also a prestigious competition every year.

We always enjoy the street shows, and the whole festive atmosphere. Also the surroundings of these shows around Acco, that is such a special city in itself, adds so much to the theatrical atmosphere.

The English web site is quite good and there is information about most of the shows in English. Some information is missing, maybe it will be added later.

Dates: Oct. 15-19, 2008

Ticket prices vary according to show. You can buy tickets though www.garber-tickets.co.il in Haifa. Isracard holders can pay with some stars.

Phone for ticket info: 04- 8384777

Transportation – Acco, being a walled fortress city, is hard enough to drive in year-round, do yourself a favor by not attempting to drive there during the festival. There are several parking lots around the city where you can leave your car, and walk in. I think there are shuttles that take people to the parking lots and bus & train station.

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