Saturday, December 27, 2008

Instructions What to Do if you Hear a Tzeva adom Siren / Alarm

Since I couldn't really find any clear English instructions anywhere of what to do if you hear a Tzeva adom siren / alarm, I am quickly posting what I know from Hebrew and from Lebanon II for anyone who needs it.

Yes it is all over Israeli TV, but what about those people whose Hebrew is lacking.

If you hear an alarm you have between 10 – 45 seconds to get to a safe place depending on how close you are to where the locket was lunched from.

Here is a map of the areas

If you're in the green zone you have 10 seconds

If you're in the light blue zone you have 30 seconds

If you're in the purple zone you have 45 seconds

Where is the best place to be?

If you have a shelter on Mamad (security room) in your house that is where you should go.

Close the door and metal window shutter can open the glass window into the window pocket so it doesn't shatter on you. You can also tape the glass. Stay on the side of the indoor wall and away from things that might fall on you in the blast like if you have a high shelf with things on it.

If you don't have an in-house shelter go to the one in your building if you can get there in the time you have.

Another option is if you have an internal space or room in your house that is two walls from the outside, because rockets don't penetrate two walls.

Another good option in to be under the stairs because they are usually a solid cement structure.

Try not to be under a roof and go to a lower floor if you can.

The bathroom is not a preferred option because time can fall and hurt you.

In any case it is best to be inside.

If you are in a car

Drive with the windows open so you will hear the siren. In Lebanon they said to get out of the car and lay low on the ground away from the car. Bad things happen to cars if they are hit with a rocket. You don't want to be in there.

What should you have with you?

Water, comfort food, cellphone and linephone (if you can), radio or TV to hear instructions or just what is going on.

If you have children with you I found that the best way of getting them to a safe place as fast and easily as possible and keeping them calm is best with treats @ sweets (candy, cookies, chocolate, pretzels…) you can worry about their teeth later.

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Thank you so match for coming through with the useful (this time vital) info again.
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