Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The search for Low fat Baked Hanukkah Sufganiot

I love Hanukkah, it is such a warm and cozy Holiday. I love that everyone makes an effort to come home to be together and light the candles. I love the warm light of the candles. I love singing the songs and having a warm drink and latkes and Sufganiot.

But I don't like all that oil.

I know oil is a major component and symbol of this Holiday, without the little jug of oil the fire would have got out in Beit Hamikdash.

But why do I have to consume so much oil, and then have it go to my face, and worse stay on my thighs.

So this year I will try to use less oil. And for that I found a few Sufganiot recipes where you bake the doughnuts instead of deep frying them. Better still if I make them at home I can make them in a manageable size and not super large like the ones you buy at the supermarket.  


Here are baked Sufganiot recipes I found.  


http://www.foodfit.com/recipes/recipe.asp?rid=1059 – Scroll down to get to the recipe


But since I am lazy, if someone knows of where I can but non fat Sufganiot, please tell me. I know they will probably cost 7 Shekels for a 10 shekel size sufgania but you pay more for less. What can you do?


: said...
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melmel said...

we missed you. but i think i will stick to the ones you buy, maybe i will splurge on gournet ones ar roladine.