Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weirdest English to Hebrew word morph so far

English words make their way into Hebrew all the time, especially in Israeli High-tech talk. You can take almost any work and put it in some Hebrew grammar form like adding ally, sia  We use words like randomally, optimally, optionally, reactcsia    

But I just heard the weirdest English to Hebrew word morph ever! Mitrafresh  
Can you guess what it means?




It's "something that gets refreshed".  



J.P. said...

This has got nothing to do with your posting, somewhere in a past one I did read about you planting bulbs.
Bulbs are not my my thing to have in a garden allthough I do like to see them on the fields.
The next one might be an idea for a container, Marvel of Peru (do have the Splendid Mixture), did pay €1,34 for approx. 35 seeds.
They do open their flowers in the afternoon and give a "delicious smell"

Mia said...

J.P. Thanks for stopping by. I did plant some in pots and other contianers. Some are even starting to bloom now.